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Auto dimming side view mirrors

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I like having the auto dim rear view, but it is also needed for the side view. I didn't even know they made auto dim for side view. But that wanna be luxury hyundai elantra has them. Does any one think they might make a kit or sell any?
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not that i have seen, but thats a great idea.
Even simple blue film that BMWs and VWs have help a lot...
so is there anywhere for us to get this mirror "tint" for our side view mirrors? anyone?
wonder if bluebatmobile does something like that. with all the overlays for the lights he does, he might. pm bluebatmobile.
nice alternative
Not sure if there is film that's clear enough. I think I asked him long time ago and he promised to do some research. I guess he needs some good old fashioned "positive reinforcement"
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