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Auto-Dimming Mirror & Side Airbags

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I was just reading on another site about the combinatino of the Side Airbags and the Auto-Dimming Mirror. People were saying that if you have the mirror instaled the airbags won't work correctly.

Is this true??

I just ordered mine with side airbags, and the dealer said they would put in the auto-dimming mirror for me no problem (even through the website says they can't be mixed together).

I guess it has something to do with the wiring harness. Can someone lend some insight to this. Can I have both, or is my dealership taking almost $300 from to end up with side airbags that don't work.

Help is greatly appreciated.
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The mirror wiring harness is ran through the A-pillar, where part of the side airbags resides. Improper install or some freaky co-incidence during a collision can put the wires in front of the airbags when they blow up, and cause a hell of a mess. that's why it would be your and your dealer's responsibility if something goes sideways...

I would probably find a switched 12V somewhere around the sunroof controls and forget about running the wires via the A-pillar if I had to do this install...
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