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August '05 Raffle!

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Sparks Scion brings to another chance for you to win! The August, 2005 Raffle* starts today! Make sure you're registered & eligible - and tell everyone to sign up to enter to win!

Two Grand Prize winners* will each receive a $100 Sparks Gift Certificate!

Two Runner Ups* will each receive a $50 Sparks Gift Certificate!

All you have to do is be registered on the forums and be one of the top 100 posters in the past 30 days by the day of the drawing

Winner will be selected the night of Saturday, 8/27/05!

Click here for more information

* Individuals only - businesses, or company reps, are not eligible. Past winners are also excluded...
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awesomness... ken and eric... you guys rock
once again you guys rock.
Thanks for setting that up Eric, so current members and posters have the best chance of winning. You all make the site go and we appreciate it. Have a good one!

i was wondering if there was going to be another raffle! YES!
I was hoping you would continue this. Thanks
you have to be in the top 100 posters!!! ahhhhh better start posting =]
^^only the total for the month, right? i'm past top 100 in overall, but i've posted more this month than other months, i think.
Top 100 for last 30 days. So you can have total of 3000 posts, but only have 3 in the last month and you will not be a part of the pool. and you can have total of 50 posts, but all of them made in the last 30 days and you have a shot. AFAIK, this is done to reward current active members as opposed to those who haven't contributed to the site in years.

* All numbers are pulled from thin air and are not to be considered accurate or definitive guarantee of raffle winnings.
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Thanks for doing the raffles Ken and Eric!!
Oh so that's how it works...I should read everything next time...
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Wait... so everyone that is one of the top 100 posters is in no matter what, or do we have to sign up? I couldn't find anywhere for that.
top 100 posters in the last 30 days, as long as you're not a business owner, company rep, or past winner - no matter what - if you're a member, you're already signed up. If you're not a member of the site/forums, register now!
Oh ok, thanks for clearing that up.
how do you know if your one of the top 100 posters?
....I guess I'm not.
You still could be...
Remember that only last 30 days count.
and that I am a post *****.
Could you teach me how to be a post *****? I've wanted to be one my whole life but I've never been able to push myself to do it..... I'm scared.
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