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Audi A6

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Last night i was driving around with my friend and all the sudden i see some HID on my ass. I keep on driving with 5 over the speed limit I down shift and speed up a lil so i start driving with 10 over the speed limit and guess what those HIDs keep on pushing me i decide to take a right on the next traffic light where the road has 2 lines in one direction. I down shift to 2nd and right after the turn i sped up to about 3500 rpm ( still in 2nd ). I see the HIDs move to other lane and starts to speed up, so i'm waiting till it gets next me , then i just pressed the gas I almost relined the car. I shifted to 3rd by then i had a half car lenght. I got to 4500 rpm on 3rd and then shifted to 4th and that where those HIDs passed me and I saw that was Audi A6 4.2 V6. Well nice try of me I still got my ass smoked. But one day ones i get my turbo then we will talk about this again. It was kind of fun, but i felt bad after that i abused my tC like that for a such a loss.
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Damn pesky horsepower keeps showing up for the other guy and spoiling the race. Nice post, you went out with honor, and admitted the other guy was faster, that's a great post!
Thanks. The same night probly like an hour before that i saw i camro and i kinda tought about i racing him, but when i saw the SS on the back i was like " how about sit tight on those nice seats and just drive with the speed limit."
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I "raced" a 2004 Maxima a couple months ago, and it was funny. The race lasted about a second.
in other words he won bas?
Yea, he won, by more than a little bit.
yah those things are pretty impressive performance wise.
A clarification might ease the pain a bit. The 4.2 is a V8, not V6, and starts over $50K. The 0-60 is only a second-ish faster than tC. It was a valliant effort and probably fun as hell! Enjoy the car you're in
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That's an old song by Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young - You got to love the one you're with!
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