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Atlanta May 7th meet

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Famous Bar and Sports Grille - 1pm

I should have my header installed by then

Post up if you are going to come, or your excuse not to show up.
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My calendar is clear at this point but I might have a friend coming into town that weekend. I'll keep you guys in the loop.
I expect at least one newbie to show up, so here's the address again.

Famous Pub & Sports Palace
2947 N Druid Hills Rd NE
Atlanta, GA 30329
I can not make it. I have a wedding to attend that day. Sorry.
The possiblity is there. Depends on whether or not I have pick up my daughter and her stuff at college (end of semester).
I'm not sure if my car will be fixed by then. I have never been to one of these meets but I'm only about 2 hours away so I'm in ATL quite a bit. When my car is fixed I'll hit one up.
A service advisor from my local dealer migh show up - he drives a tC, too. So the group is growing. Couple of Matrix guys might show, too - they are ordering the tCs in the next week or so.
Pretty much have figured out the schedule for the 7th, and it is not to my advantage.

I look forward to the next meeting!

Warmest regards,

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I wanna go to the meet. But I work at a car dealership and work most ever Saturday. Wish I could come. Would have been nice to see some of the other tC dat's been rolling around out there.
Ok, guys, you need to work with me here.

tC VVT-i - welcome to the site and where are you from?
Would we get many more if we made it Sunday if that's possible?
Not sure about more, but definitely one less.
Would that one less be you?
Yup. Have too much stuff pre-planned.
Ok, doesn't bother me.
Originally posted by Plissken@May 6 2005, 12:35 AM
Ok, doesn't bother me.
That's what I thought
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Hey - reasonably new to the forum here - was going thru some links and found this. Cool - nearby - I'll try to get there.

I would have shown up, but I got a final today at noon =/

P.S. I move back to Atlanta this Tuesday.
Well, looks like it will be just Marty and me at the meet, maybe the guy from the dealer, too. Everybody had something come up last night and cancelled. Well, I'll still be there.
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