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Asking for help!

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I entered my car in a contest with the local radio station to win 10k in mods. Please help by voting for my tC!! I'm #14, theres also an XB entered (#5). Each week two finialist get selected so vote for the XB too!!

Vote Often, and tell your friends!!

Thanks for all the help!!

Vote here =
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We'll help ya rig it.
wait... you gotta register.... huh.
Registered & voted - good luck!

** requires 25% of all cash & prizes**
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registered and voted, i hope i dont get soem goofy mailing list now....but jeez that jackass in the bronco has his whole family voting or something
You can un-register after you vote so you won't receive any emails.
I voted

Now remeber this site address for me in return:

EDITED - Second Warning on Advertising
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voting ends Saturday!!

Please help me become a finialist by

Voteing here =

Registered and voted. Good luck!

I didn't give my actual email address. Now I don't have to worry about spam!
Now, thats the way to do it!!

Way to set the example!!

Please, everyone keep voting!!

Vote here =

And tell your friends!!

Help a fellow tC owner realize a dream!!

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voted. good luck, let us know what happens
Thanks I'll keep you guys updated, but with voteing ending on Saturday I don't think I'll make it.

I might enter next week, well see. I wouldn't feel right asking everyone to vote for me again though.

Please keep voting!!

I just registered and voted. Aw man, you're still in 2nd place though. Good luck!
I'm tied for second!!!

I need a little boost!!

Please I need some more votes!!

Just voted. Good luck!
voted again
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