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Apple and Scion!

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Just watched the Macworld Keynote, and Steve Jobs said that they signed with scion to put a built in adapter in all the new scions for your ipod. So they will soon have adapters like bmws have been using for the past year. Awesome......cant wait so hopefully i can pick one up for my tc.
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Nice, how much would the install be? And when will they do it?
Hmm. I might buy the iPod again. Especially if they figure out the way to make it work with the Scion XM...
Hmm, i'm not a big apple fan but I guess its OK since its for the iPod.
you beat me to it noteri

wow...the apple/scion was a great surprise at the stevenote. Thought scion was a perfect match for iPod but didn't realize a solution would come directly from Apple. Shows to go ya that Scion has drawn some attention from only the RIGHT people....hehe

There should be a Dell pukebox adapter for all those grand ams and neons any day now!

here's a pic from macworld of the Apple-worthy cars (excluding ferrari):

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^^^ it won't be from Apple, it will be made by Scion (actually Pioneer, I'm sure) but made with the blessing of Apple.
pretty sure none of the companies listed would waste their time on actually making the adapter if we're splittin' hairs....I think we're all clear that Apple isn't making car stereo adapters next to G5s......
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Nineveh, I had a Dell DJ for about a month, and apart from the horrible software interface, I really didn't find it particularly different from the iPod...I like the iPod better, but I think the main difference there is that the iPod didn't cost me anything...
Never had a Dell DJ but played with Creative Zen 40GB for about a month - that was a real pukebox. It did not work as a harddrive without a buttload of drivers (that crashed and took a system reinstall to get rid of), front plate would snap off for no reason, navigation was anything but intuitive, plus it tried to mess up track order in albums, something I could not tolerate. So I bought an iPod, and then sold it 2 months later cause, like Marty here, could not justify the $450...
Apple won't actually make the adapter, they basically made a deal so that with all new cars, they will either have them in or have them as an option.....not sure which. Probably know more in the coming months...Some type of press conference which is what they did for bmw.
It appears my wait to get a tC has paid off in this matter. To me Scion embodies the very essence that is Apple, this a beautiful hookup.
I could not disagree with you more, DanMacMan.
This is great to hear! My spouse is thinking about getting a tC now.
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Could not agree with you guys more...I am a huge mac guy, this couldn't have been a better fit for scion. Two of my favorite things have come all i need is my bank account and my love for a lot of money to match up and I will be set.
Originally posted by noteri@Jan 17 2005, 09:55 AM all i need is my bank account and my love for a lot of money to match up and I will be set.
Not going to work if you will keep your Mac/Apple zeal
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Question, Will it be just an adapter or will the strereo actually control the IPOD. If I am understanding correctly there are either head units being developed or already developed that will actually control the ipod like it would a disc changer.
from the one that bmw has, it is an adapter that is plugged into the back of the stereo and runs through the glovebox. With that one you can control the ipod through the stereo controls along with the steering wheel controls. Soo it should work about the same way, with out the steering wheel controls obviously.
If this "adaptor" would show MP3 ID3 tags on our HU, plus alow to scroll through albums as well as tracks - it would be priceless...
hey Z...are you saying you don't get ID3 tags with your HU or wondering if you would get both? You should get both if the adapter works like better ones on the market I think.....which, of course Apple would either use or make better. There IS a reason Apple prods cost's not to make money obviously.....
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I'm saying that I want the apple "adaptor" to show ID3 tags on our HUs, like we get with MP3 CDs, or even better - scroll the damn thing instead of requiring us to click "text" button...
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