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Anyone try RainX on the roof

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With all the glass, you'd think that might not be a bad idea...
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I agree. I actually may try that... Anyone else think this is a good/bad idea?
I did... since it hasn't rained yet here in sunny San Diego, I don't know how well it works. I have to say though the RainX leave behind streaks... although it claims that it does not. I will probably switch to something else like spit.... j/k

"Rain-X® is the world leader in water and soil-repelling technologies for automotive glass."
aha, thanks, wolo
I bought the following ... doesn't work too well.

Rain-X® Glass Cleaner
Formulated for the special cleaning needs of automotive glass. Designed specifically to quickly and easily remove bug residue, tree sap and road grime, while leaving your windows with a streak free shine.
Safe for tinted glass
Automotive strength
Streak-free, clean shine
Originally posted by whosthatrussian@Aug 3 2004, 10:43 PM
aha, thanks, wolo
No problemo.
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NO, there is another brand of the same kind of water and dirt repellant out there... not made my rain X that works just as well if not better and does not streak and you don't have to apply and buff like wax. I'll try and find out what its called and let you all know!
i rain-x'ed all the glass on my car. True it takes a little elbow grease but i think it is well worth the effort.
Thats what i was planing on doing as son as i got my car: rainx and wax the whole thing
cant wait...
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Yep, I was thinking about doing it, but having taken the time to mess with it. It's not just the RainX cleaner you can use, but the actually formula that you put onto clean windows that makes water run off them (ie: you can put this on your windshield and supposedly not even have to use your wipes when driving in the rain).

That's what I want to try...never used it before though...just seen the results when my dad used it on his car. Worked pretty well, I must say...and I don't remember any streaks, but maybe I just didn't notice them.
Loopy, that's exactly what I've used on windshields before, and it works great. Like you said, I've been able to drive in the rain without using my wipers as the water just sheets off.
What is the best way to apply it onto the windshield... I purchased a glass towel (no lint type) and that is not really removing the rainx very well... maybe that's why I have streaks..
Originally posted by C!ph3r@Aug 4 2004, 04:38 AM
i rain-x'ed all the glass on my car. True it takes a little elbow grease but i think it is well worth the effort.
so did I, but it takes alot of elbow grease, everytime I thing im done and theres no streak, theres more streaks when the sun hits it at a diffrent direction,im still trying to get all the streaks out, and its been 2 days since i put rainx on.
Rainx is great, especially in a torrential downpour...think Hurricane weather (The water just beads off) Of course, you still need your wipers.
I'll probably just put it on the front windshield.
Rain X works like a champ IF YOU FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS. I have been using it on my car and I NEVER use my windshield wipers... ever. As for streaks, I followed the directions on the bottle to the letter and NEVER had any problems. I do think that using rain X on the roof of your tC is an aright idea. It should provide a christal clear view through those great sunroofs.
Here's a suggestion;

RainX Wax for your all your glass to repel water

Armor All Streak Free Window Cleaner for a streak free clean!

Use Armor All first, then use the Rain X wax.
i use stoner invisible glass for the insides of my windows, perfect steak free shine. they have a product for tires as well, and it rocks. rainX rules my world for the exterior. after six years in seattle, it has proven itself time and again. wipers? might as well take them off. and i dont have the wiper tracks on my windshield, either.
also, for those out there that still believe in armor all protectant - i urge you to give it up. its kinda like knee surgery, once you have it, you will always have to have it again. plus the residue it leaves lifts off the dash and coats the insides of your windows. the armor all cleaning wipes, with no shiny protectant crap in them, are safe for all surfaces, wont make your interior slippery and greasy, and do wonders for maintaining the original look of your interior. my .02
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I agree about the armor all thing... my brother swears by the Meguires stuff... probably better using that than armor all. I think TCrazy also uses Meguires... see thread....
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