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Anyone tried putting amps under the seats?

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I'm wondering if anyone has checked the clearances under the seats. My amps haven't been delivered yet so I can't check myself but it'll save me some time if someone has already checked and it isn't possible.

The amps are 13x8x2.5" and 9x7x2.5"
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i've got mine under my passenger seat, it measures 2"H x 14-1/8"W x 10-1/2"D i believe. there are also other threads on this site talking about mounting amps under the seats, or behind the rear panel in the back seat (where the speaker is) hope this helps you
Thank you much my good man. I did a quick search and didn't turn anything up on this subject, but I shall give it a more in depth look right now.

I put an e4300 under the passenger seat and an e1400D under the driver seat.
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