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Anyone know where to get TRD 18's can dealer order

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Does anyone know where I can find the TRD 18's? They are solid 5 spokes I believe, a guy posted a pic of his in the Wheel and Tire section and I love em. I dont know if the dealer can order them or if I have to get them myself, can anyone help? Price? Pics?
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Yup those, I saw em on but they were like 1600 bucks! I bet the dealer would mark them up even more. I think I'll stick with the 18 inch alloys that I ordered from the dealer.
I had the 5 solid spoke ones on my Matrix - sweet looking wheels (at least on a Matrix), but heavy as sin - 55lbs for a wheel with tire... 32lbs just for the rim... Team Dynamics is a great company, but gosh it's heavy...
But man, those 18's are gorgeous..
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BTW, if you are really interested in these TRDs, I bet I can find a good deal for you - I still have my "Matrix connections" - bought my set for $1100 (with yokohama prada spec-2) last Christmas, and I think I saw my regular TRD guy selling them for around $1250-1275 with the same tires, might be able to find a set without tires for cheaper and you can get tires yourself without Toyota markup.

PM me if you are serious...

Edit: I can get these trd rims only (no tires) for $770 shipped
i don't think they look good at all on the tc. there's pics of a flint mica with them in the member pics section.
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