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Anybody run a compression test?

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Hi Y'all,
well after my many mis-shifts, I'm thinking it'd be a good idea to do a compression test--

I got myself a compression tester from autozone ($20). The instructions mention holding the throttle plates open in the carbeurator (I've read that you can just floor the pedal, but does this work since our cars are drive-by-wire?).

Also, it says to remove the high tension lead from the center of the distributor (we don't have one, right?) and ground it. It says to disable electronic ignition systems, disconnect the electronic ignition module or remove the primary battery terminal from the ignition coil.

Now, I'm assuming we don't have a distributor so i can ignore that step? ( I could be completely wrong that we do have one) I'm also assuming we have an electronic ignition system. If that's the case, where can I find the ignition coil? Is it easier to just remove some of the fuses pertaining to the start up systems?

I hope someone can help out--thanks in advance.
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