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Just wondering if anybody has put a grounding kit on there car if so what brand, and how did it work.
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I can tell you from personal experience that grounding kits are far over rated. I added one to my 95 talon TSi AWD and found that really all it did was keep my head lights from dimming with the stereo up and evened out the idle alot. As far as power... not much if any difference. You definitely don't need to buy a "pre made" kit though if you're interested in doing a ground wire kit. Its definitely not a bad idea... but don't spend $50 on one. Go to home depot, buy some 8 or 4 gauge wiring and some terminal ends with loops, and redo the main ground (off the battery to the chassis) and then go from there and run grounds to every metal surface that has a bolt. If you have any further questions feel free to ask. This is something I may be doing this weekend, if I do, i'll post pics of where and things of that nature.
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Yeah I was not looking for 5 horsepower per wire or anything
But my buddy just put the HKS kit on his IS300 and he loves it. Made a big difference in how all the electronics work, and like u said about the headlights and the stereo plus he said his car starts quicker too now. I was definately thinking about DIY-ing this project being the endless tinkerer I am
please post pics if you do it frost!! Thanks for the input.
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Definitely. I sure will. I would like to do that this weekend... something to keep me busy. I'll get the exact amount it cost me too... last time i believe it was $13
yeah take lots of pics of your routing:) and e-mail me good luck on the install!!!
i was also considering diy'ing it too, don't really wanna shell out $125 for the HKS kit, I think that's rediculous. Anyways, i'm really not sure what goes where, and I think I definitely need instructions. (with pictures). I'm kinda new to the car scene, never really did any modding on my parents' '99 olds So yeah, Frost, if you have time, lots of pics and instructions would be MUCH appreciated.
Sorry guys... didn't get to it this weekend.. it was my birthday and all... so i'll try to do it next weekend. I'll post pics forsure when I do it!
DAMNIT Frost install it already and take pictures!!!! lol
on most car's the best places to install a grounding kit are the obvious, over the stock/factory grounding locations. but then other spots that i have found to work best are one on the meatal plate that the coil's are mounted on, one to ground the grounding leads from the nology hot wires, one on the front of the engine block, and one on the back of the block, one off the intake manifold.

more come along, the more mods that you do. for example, HID convirsions, amps, ignition work, etc....
Hey Rob its the weekend again???!!!! HINT HINT
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im going to add the request list and ask for like a picture diy =)
lol I just got a grounding kit too, and im also wondering where the best places to ground em are, tC specific. Pics would be fantastic!

So do you think that you could post a report of how your short shifter installation goes? Isn't that the one from TWM Performance?
will do TCHI! ill keep you informed. and yes it is the TWM Performance shifter.
Here is a generic how-to with pictures and a lengthy write up for those interested on the grounding wire set-up. It's more geared for the car audio guys, but it's the same idea.

awesome!! thanks for the post!!
any updates on this thread? Curious on the DIY grounding wires.
i never received mine.
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I just ordered the Arospeed Universal Grounding kit. Should be here on november 9th. I'll post some pictures after I install it. I'm still trying to figure out two more good grounding points besides the two current ones. Anyone have any suggestions?

If not I'm sanding away some paint and grounding in two places to the body...
SO, I've installed my grounding kit. Didn't really make a walkthrough... but here are pictures of the grounding points I used. BTW this is the arospeed grounding kit.

Basically I added 4 grounding points. 2 to the body. One to the the front of the engine block (I think) and one over the larger stock grounding point. I also kept the original grounding points from the battery.

I'm still kind of new at all this so if anyone has any better ideas PLEASE let me know... THANKS...
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