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Anybody have pic of Rear Bumper Protector

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I was thinking about getting one. I just wanted to see what it looked like.
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If it wasn't already on my car before I bought it then it wouldn't be there. I think it's a pain because all around the sticker the dirt sticks to the edges and I hate how it looks.
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^^^ I have not had this problem. Perhaps yours was shoddily applied.
I also have not had this problem.
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I haven't had that problem either but if it hadnt already been there i wouldnt have paid extra for it.
I have it also... I actually REALLY like it, because it keeps my bumper from getting all screwed up from anything that anyone puts in there. You might wanna talk to the dealer. Mine gets dirty evenly with the rest of the car. I would recommend it to anyone who was considering buying. Just something extra to keep your ride from getting all nastied up. Worth it, in my opinion.
^^^ Agreed. Not more than a couple days after I applied the sticker, I put a big scuff mark on it loading something into my trunk. That would've been my paint otherwise.
so the question is, is this protective sticker worth the money???
It's worth the $35 or so it costs from TRDsparks!!!

Buy it here.
I already posted the link...
So I copied you.
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Originally posted by basilisk4@Dec 15 2005, 04:35 PM
So I copied you.
i like mine too
Does anybody have a picture of it on a Black TC?
the only difference is you can see the "scion" lettering a bit better.
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