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Anybody else tired of SC/I/H/E topics?

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For some reason it always seems on these forums, that people fall to 4 things for power, i guess cause it's easier. I/H/E i think is a good place to start, and FI is always an easy way... but there have to be more creative, efficent means for adding power. I know a while ago, there were tests with chrome cylenders, i think textron was doing it, the idea being that there would be no wear in the cylender wall, so therefore you could run tighter clearences, but engines ate a lot of oil with those. High compression stuff can be cool also. When riding my bike, i ran across a seat of intake manifold gaskets that created a venturi effrect going into the cylender heads. There is a company call Gammi, which make GamiJectores, fuel injectors that are specifficaly demensioned to each cylender to match the fuel flows (not all cyl. will get the same, fuel settings to each may vary as much as 25-50 deg LOP or ROP).

Just tryin to see what ideas people have beyond the basic I/H/E / FI... it all gets kinda repetitive

(and im willing to subject my car to many things, as long as i don't end up in the darwin awards)
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Reading this thread is more difficult than my entire week of (high) school. Extremely interesting, though, I've bookmarked the two sites and I'll start reading up.

Lo bux, how did you learn all of this? Honestly? Because right now, at 17, I am totally in the dark about what you're talking about and it makes me sad.
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