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Which wheel would you choose?

  • Pick #1 the 20's

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  • Pick #2 the 19's

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Another Wheel Poll .. With a Twist

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Ordered a black scion tc, going to be putting 15% tinting on all windows, except for windshield (heh) and getting a 2.3-8inch short black antenna (first 2 mods)

its going to be winter soon here in Illinois so wheels wont be changed until late winter when the snow is gone.

but im keeping my scion clean and stylish, so my other big project is tire and wheel.

other than that I probably wont do much other than a carbon fiber non-performance intake and maybe a carbon fiber strut bar (just some under the hood asthetics)

PICK THE WHEELS YOU LIKE !!!! By the Way: I dont know if 20's will fit, rub or even be a good choice, so I need all your opinions, but please leave the "thats stupid" opinions at home. This is for real guys who know a thing or two about cars please.

Also, dont know if I can find a tire to fit the 20's..

Option / Pick #1 20's:

Option / Pick #2 19's:


Option/ Pick #2 19's:

Thanks everyone!
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i like these, for the simple fact they look sporty. anything above 18s might rub, especially 20s. you will undoubtedly need to roll your fenders for 20s. that is why i didnt get the Linea Sport, like on the Jotech tC. but, as for my choice, that would be it.
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who had the super white tc with real nice multi-spoke 19's... ?

his car went over real well on this forum..

btw, I think im going to do 19's depending on my tire they'll rub, who does fender rolling?
yo can do it yourself with a baseball bat.
due r u serious 20s and 19s come on its a tC not a SUV
but i do like the first one u posted but not 20s
yeah 20's are pretty much out of the picture, but the 19's are not. Many people have 19s and they really dont look half bad at all..

right now im in the process of buildling fiberglass enclosures for the trunk (me and my friends second business) its going to be a black fiberglass enclosure with a gloss finish.

can someone tell or link me to a page that tells how to fender roll? is it difficult or simple? can you screw up badly and F*** up your car?

and to supertc:
thinking out-side of the box is half the fun of a car. who wants a car that everyone has if your going to customize it. im not saying that im going to rice mine out, i just want something that slams and that looks real good ridin.
oh and by the way the 3rd ones are like 400 a peice.. but I do like them
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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