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Another New Indigo Ink Pearl . . .

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I got my new IIP about 2 weeks ago. I had to wait 29 days for it. I got it with manual trans., the airbags, Scion security, floormats, cargo net, mud gurds, and the bumper protector/sticker thing.

I traded in my silver 2001 Cougar V6. I loved the Cougar, but it reached 60k and the warranty expired plus it was time for a new car. Many people said I "downgraded" by getting the tC - I imagine because of the V6. Before I got it I thought they would be even, because they have almost an identical hp/weight ratio. Now that I've been driving the tC for a couple of weeks I'm convinced I upgraded! I can not compare the power yet, 'cause I'm still breaking-in the engine, but the tC is superior as far as handling. The Cougar doesn't even come close. I also like the design and quality of the interior better.

Driving is a big source of entertainment for me. I've done a couple of 4k-mile trips around the states with the Cougar and I can't wait to do it with the tC!

I am not a ground effects/big spoiler/glowing cup-holder kind of guy, but I'll definately get in line for the super-charger
when it comes out (if it is reasonably priced of course).
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Congrats on finally getting your tC! I had to wait about as long as you for mine back in December. What do you think of the rear bumper protector? Does it look stupid or does it look nice?
Good choice in color!!!
I got the bumper protector for its purpose and not for the looks, but I have to say it looks pretty good. Had a couple of scratches on the top of the rear bumper of my old car from people carelessly loading skis and other stuff and when I saw it was an option on the tC I had to have it. They could've made it cover a bigger area though . . .
But to answer your question I think it looks pretty good on the IIP - it's very subtle. I don't know about other colors, though.
The sticker looks kinda cool, but I worry about it a few months after having it. Seems like dirt would collect around the edges pretty easily and it may begin to curl.
Wow! Those are beautiful pics, man! I never tire of looking at the tC.
Oh, congratulations!
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I agree with ya about the rear bumper protector -- it's already saved me from one would-have-been big chunk missing from the bumper. Dirt collecting around the corners doesn't seem to be much of a problem, Wolo.
Congrats on the car & color... Great choice!
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