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another howAwesomeMytCIs post

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I finally finish my 1k break in and wow, do i love it even more! No more granny shifting at 3k! I am finally getting to feel the full raw power of my tC and dam it, it's freaken sexiee
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Yea, don't you just love the throaty hum it puts out around 3-5k?
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I know I do!
Dang, you *do* look like a baby eater ;D
that avatar is scarwie
it does actually look like a baby eater

*runs away*

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I can't get over how awesome my tC is. I think my favorite thing is how it winds up and goes on the highway. I was so impressed when I was driving back home to visit the folks and had to pass a few cars...just barely stepped on the footfeed and RRRRRRrrrrrr I was gone. So responsive. I'm 32 and a pretty tame driver but daayum...this car brings out the leadfoot. Pretty soon I was passing cars not because I had to but because it was so dang fun. I wasn't terribly wreckless, just zipping along. I came across a flat stretch of clear highway (Kansas, one of the benefits) and opened her up. I was doing 110 in a few seconds and let off just in case the Fuzz was hiding somewhere.

I'm still not a fan of street car speeding is bad enough...but man it felt nice to just cruise. I guess I've never had a car that seemed this solid at high speeds. Even my old 1986 RX-7 didn't impress me this much. Yup, I'm in love.
Just wanted to share.
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LoL, Flip. I had mine up to 100 on the stretch of I-35 between 119th and 435. That was fun....but that was car #1. #2 only been up to 80 so far.
where i am in CA, police are everywhere. can't pull any of that stuff. maybe on the country roads though. not sure if they've spread out to those areas.
Yeah same here...there's not too many places we can hit the top end. What we need is an autobahn here in Kansas...not like there's anything getting in the way
Try driving across the state...whooooo...horrible.
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in CA bay area, 280N towards SF is the only freeway you can go anywhere above 80mph (but only when you judge driving condition is good enough to not endanger yourself or other drivers of course). even then, the popos are always hiding somewhere. High way 5 down south is fast, but I haven't gotten a chance to take my tC on it yet

btw, i tried redlining the car while getting on the freeway on ramp. when it got to 6200rpm on 2nd gear, I guess it tops out, couldn't get any more power and had to shift. I could feel it too..vroooooooooooooooooooomm and then ? that's it? hehe. tell me if i'm wrong, i'm not expert at this.
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Rev-limiter. It's so you don't blow up your engine....on purpose. LoL
it took you to 1000 to run it hard, I've been driving it hard since day one..I did a fast and hard break in too..
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