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Andfx8 Jr.

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The pics were taken with my cell phone since I couldn't figure out how to work my dad's out-dated digital camera.

You like?
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How far is it lowered? Do you get a full turn radius?

Other than that it looks awesome!!
1.8 inches. I made a complete U with them the other day and I didn't notice any rubbing, however I have to be really careful over bumps.
Thanks for the compliment
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Love the optional 18s... Thought you had some 19s first! But it does not look like 1.8" - looks more like 2.5", unless you have 3 dead bodies in the trunk that make it seem lower...
I would definately have to agree... only dead bodies in the trunk would lower the car that much.... not that I know from experience or anything
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very nice, reminds me of my gf's cuz'z g35 with that color and larger wheels filling the gaps
Nice ride! I'm still looking for an image that does justice to flint mica. The color is too dynamic. I picked up my car yesterday, it was fabulous to see in the sun. Its been overcast since last night so I haven't been able to enjoy it in its full glory. It is kind of neat seeing the green and blue hues that come out of it on overcast days but its not the same.
sweet. The rims look great and love the drop too.
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