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My name is Josh, in case youre too lazy to read my sig, i just bought my 2006 FM tC in mid-August (current mods on it are also in my sig). i traded in a 98 corolla LE automagic (my parents bought the car w/o consulting me first)... Ive known how to drive stick since before I could drive (I love relatives that live in the country and have manual trucks)

I bought my tC because I loved the way it looked and the price, plus I didnt feel like waiting for a 2006 Civic si and spending $6-7k more for the name and a few better features. Im looking to build my tC into a beast w/daily driver reliability, and as practice for my future career in Mechanical Engineering (mainly I want to build engines that I can only dream of being as popular as any of the B, D, H, and K series Honda engines).

As for general knowledge, I can fix almost any computer problem (Windows I have down cold, and Im learning Mac right now). I have a good knowledge of Honda engines and performance (my friend used to own a 96 prelude si until he wrecked it, got it fixed and then sold it to my other friend who blew it up with C4 since the car was bad luck, between my 2 friends they had over 10 accidents in that car).

Im always looking for new challenges & helpful tips and tricks to help make my car faster, more efficient, handle better, and smoke any riced-out civic that pulls up next to me looking for trouble.

oh, btw, uberingram is a buddy of mine (we work together at 2Wire in Tempe) and i have fun giving him sh!t (which he dishes right back). he and another buddy of mine are going to help me along the path to tC domination (as long as i dont get too cocky or my car doesnt become more powerful than their SRT-4s)

this place is an awesome forum, i love the atmosphere!


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glad to have you. though i must say, if someone was too lazy to read your sig, they probably wouldnt read all that...

welcome to our site.
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