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An official respons to the Sun Roof Pop

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Below you will find a direct copy/paste of my chat with a representative of Scion Corporate. Its very self-explanatory and will hopefully prove useful to those of you who are still in the dark (as most of us are) about this sunroof issue and what to do.

Please wait for a Scion Customer Advocate to respond. You are number 1 in queue.
You are now chatting with Moe

Moe: Hi Tony
Moe: How may I help you today?

tCrazy: Moe how are you
tCrazy: i know that Scion is aware of the sunroof-popping this correct?

Moe: fine
Moe: That is correct

Moe: You can have your dealer address the issue.

tCrazy: so, the dealer is aware of the fix for this problem and has official directions from Scion HQ?

Moe: Not yet. The official TSB has not been released.

tCrazy: ok so I should wait then?

Moe: That is up to you.

tCrazy: is scion aware of the various rattles comming from the roof and/or back hatch area

Moe: Yes.

tCrazy: ok and is a TSB on the way for that?

Moe: Yes but no ETA

tCrazy: is there an ETA on the Popping TSB?

Moe: No sorry.

tCrazy: ok can I have a free t-shirt

Moe: Sorry no. =)

tCrazy: wow, moe you drive a hard bargain! no wonder Scion keeps you around....maximizing profits every day. haha

tCrazy: hey, moe.....have a good night, thanks for the help. Ill spread the good word about the helpful folks on Scion Live Chat

Moe: Is there anything else I can help you with today?

tCrazy: nope......thanks again.
Moe: Thank you for visiting. Please contact us again.
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hahaha.. hey at least you tried to get a shirt!!!

yeah i'm not gonna take my tC back to the dealer to fix that until there is a definite
solution to the problem
Well, at least they're aware of the issues.
yeah i've talked with moe before.. doesn't have much of a sense of humor.. the guy zion was pretty helpful.. told me a lot about allocations and this tsb on the sunroof.. he said it shouldn't be much longer like in a month or less.. kind of implying..

they can't let this go.. not after the JD powers initial quality bomb of a report for the xA and xB... they have to fix this quickly..
I'll wait for the fix. The pop's not that bad. You should've heard the squeaks from my Honda del Sol's roof. lol! Thanks for the update, TCrazy
Hmm... I wonder if there's a temporary Mcguyver fix to to it... maybe some rubber weather stripping?
I know several people have had the dealerships fix it with rubber stoppers or re-torqueing some bolts.
I've seen on someone's signature that they used a small piece of paper to keep it from rattling...
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