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Amplifier Wiring Kit

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I am putting a new system in my car....
2) TS-126C 800w Max Pioneer Subs
2) GM-X862 760w Max Pioneer Amps

Right now I have a Scosche 700-1400watt Dual Amp Wiring Kit 4AWG with a 100A fuse to a dual 8AWG distribution block.

Can anyone recommend a dual amp kit that will hold the power & that won't break the bank? I need help quick... This system will be done by next weekend.
Also can you guys recommend a capacitor.... & what size will I need?
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1. The 100 Amp fuse is too big, go buy a 60 Amp fuse, there is no reason to ever have one that big with your setup, you will fry the amp before blowing that fuse

2. That amplifier kit probably will provide enough juice(those aren't really power hungry amps)

3. Most cars don't need a cap because the electrical systems are good enough. Hook up the entire system first, if you notice that your lights dim when it hits real hard then you should invest in an amp. For a cap I would suggest stinger. In fact, truthfully I like stinger install wires too. A nice kit is the Stinger SWCKH42. You can get it on ebay for about $160., that was everything matches. It includes:

Stinger Capacitor with 4-digit LED voltage display
2 position ring terminal in molded translucent case
2 16ft twisted pair RCA's
2 multi-output battery terminals
Water resistant 4 gauge ANL fuse block with voltage gauge, 150 amp ANL fuse
2 gang, water resistant AGU fused distribution block
Two 60-amp AGU fuses
Multi-output distribution block
Dual power-ground distribution block
2 grounding terminals.
22ft. 4 gauge translucent blue power wire
6ft. 12 gauge translucent blue speaker wire
50ft. 16 gauge translucent blue speaker wire
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Get a 60A-80A fuse, that will be plenty, you won't blow it unless you hook up something wrong. You could get a circuit breaker, just more $$$, if you do that get 80A-100A or so.

As far as that shop, they are out of their mind. You have two amps that are rated at 300rms-ish each. Truthfully those amps push probably in the 250 range each rms. That 8 guage wire would run them fine. I would do 4 guage with a splitter to two 8 guage wires. If i remember right that is the biggest those amps can handle anyway.
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