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Amplifier Wiring Kit

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I am putting a new system in my car....
2) TS-126C 800w Max Pioneer Subs
2) GM-X862 760w Max Pioneer Amps

Right now I have a Scosche 700-1400watt Dual Amp Wiring Kit 4AWG with a 100A fuse to a dual 8AWG distribution block.

Can anyone recommend a dual amp kit that will hold the power & that won't break the bank? I need help quick... This system will be done by next weekend.
Also can you guys recommend a capacitor.... & what size will I need?
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Most amps can't handle a 0 gauge wire, they can only use 4 gauge. So if you really want get a 0 gauge wiring kit with a distribution block, drop it down to 4 gauge and you'll be fine. As for fuses, no clue there. hehe I just use what comes with the equipment most of the time.

If you notice when your system is at full levels and the bass seems to have a delay from when it's supposed to hit, get a cap. It will stop that delay. Lights dimming, I am pushing 1800 watt class D amp and I have no dimming lights. So you should be fine.

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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