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Amping Stock Speakers?

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Has anyone hooked an amp to their stock speakers? And how did it work...? I am gonna be using a 5 channel Alpine MRV450 about 50 watts to each of the highs....Thanks
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Since the stock speakers are paper (not a good solid material) I don't think they would hold up to well to that. I think you would be better off buying some infinity's, pioneers, or alpine speakers.
infinity kappas!!!!
That should work fine for the time being. Just be sure to turn on the HPF adjusted to about 80 Hz or higher to prevent you from blowing them. I would recommend that you replace the stock speakers soon though.

BTW - Looks like this is your first time posting...welcome to the site!!!
My stock speakers aren't paper....I just looked at them
Sounds good...No doubt theres better, hopefully its just a temporary solution till I can afford what i really want.

Alpman your sub enclosure is awesome! The stealthyness is exactly what I am looking for!
u can amp your stock speakers, but usually they will not sound that great, and they can't handle power. but if u just power them temporarily, it will work just fine
By the way, the front stock tC speakers are NOT paper but the the rears ARE.
I hooked up the amp to the stock speakers and im pleasantly suprised!
Basically all it does is make them much louder...sound quality wasnt really changed in any way....

Im almost debating whether its worth all the time, effort and money to replace them.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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