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Amp Wiring

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First time posting here, normally i just like to watch but .. ehem... I have a question if anyone can answer.

I recently purchased an SAS Bazooka tube to put into the back of my TC, however, I have noticed on ebay that some peopple are selling the low level out adapter kits for $50. That to me seems somewhat excessive. Anyone had any experience with this?

Thanks in advance.

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Hmm.. Scion dealers sell a bazooka harness that makes a Bazooka install a real piece of cake... Tha harness runs for about $30-40, plugs into a stock HU, runs to the back of the car and plugs into the sub. No splicing, wiring, fuses, problems.

Does the SAS tube (whatever it is) come with a standard bazooka connector?
actually, I belive it does.

I picked it up off ebay for 67$, not a bad deal if you ask me.

realling looking forward to getting it installed.
Email Ken at Sparks toyota ([email protected]) and ask for this part number: PTS20-52040-WH

or check out their website for their phone numbers and such.

He'll hook you up
Nice, Thanks!

I really appriciate that.

We are nice guys here
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Except for me. I'm a real bastard.
yup...Marty's the bad apple out of the bunch. Whatch out for him. He'll eat your babies.
Yeah, and Wolo is loaded.

Whoops...did I say that?!? MAN it DOES spread like a disease.
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