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Amp Doesn't work in Bridged mode

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Hey guys, so I've been having trouble with my amp, it works fine for the most part now but for some reason it won't work in bridged mode... it keeps cutting out, but it works fine if I use just one of the dual channels. I have a Kicker KX450.2.
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Originally posted by courier11sec@Aug 13 2005, 05:43 PM
What kind of impedance are you running? Kicker makes one hell of a nice product. Strange to have trouble with them. Remember that a bridged amp "sees" half the actual impedance you present it. If you're trying to push too low a load it will cause the amp to cut out as you are describing. Also, while it's obvious, check your ground connection and make sure it's bulletproof.
Just my advice, I'm no expert, but I've had no troubles with the few (30-40) installs I've done over the years. I hope you get it sorted out.
I second this reply, either the amp can't handle the load its seeing bridged, or its overheating.
Does the amp shut off, or does it just cut out for a second or two.

My amp used to go into thermal protection mode and shut off after about an hour of playing while it was bridged. No blown fuses, just overheated, even will dual cooling fans! Was running at 1.3ohms.

Once I switched it to stereo, I like the sq better, I have more headroom, can turn the gain up to about 1/4, and the thing will run all day long! Never overheated or had any problems.

Check your ground, but I'd guess its a load or heat related issue
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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