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Originally posted by rcruz2525@Mar 30 2005, 07:13 AM
serleba1, Thanks for all your help but I decide to install the amp last night by myself. I connected the power from the battery, 8 awg with a 60 amp fuse. Remove the radio, tap into the radio wires, and replace the speaker wires. I also mounted the amp in the rear back panel were the RR speaker goes. It all came out pretty good, everything works!! I will need to get better speakers now and play with the hp and lp settings depending on what speakers I get. The only problem I have is that the passenger’s window does not work with the driver’s control.
I will check this latter today but thank for the info.. I need it that.
I didn't read it carefully enough. I had this problem with my speaker install. Check the lockout button above the window switches. If it's pressed down you won't be able to control the passenger window from the driver's side.
I thought I had a serious problem and thought the windows needed to be reset....after doing the reset procedure (which I did to the moonroof which actually needed it) I pushed the button and it popped up...and voila...passenger window worked.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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