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aLL StaR tC updated pics

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Taken last night by The Gene....


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kick A$$. thats way hotter than the tC that was at HIN at Charlotte. That one was a POS. probably been posted on another thread but are those brakes available yet? i have been waiting to get a set when i get my new wheels but havent seen them anywhere.
I like how everything is. Just a few dislikes. Too bad there're two huge fart cans.... and I remember seeing the last thread that it was auto. Oh well! I'm not really feeling the interior blue too much. Maybe something that would make it flush some more? Ionno...

But other than that, ur car's hot. 2-thumbs up!
oh yeah! I really love the paint job too! SCORE!
One question:

If you're wife and kid went and you took out your backseats, did you kid sit in the front with your wife?
sorry i dont really know much about cars, but what kind of a body kit is that?
I dig the fender flares, but use clear silicone instead of black next time. Love the wilwood brakes. Are they for sale yet? My rotors look tiny behind my 18s.
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E-Audio in Miami Florida did the audio video set-up inside the tC!
que lindo
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want to trade? lol car looks sick
21 - 34 of 34 Posts
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