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aLL StaR tC updated pics

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Taken last night by The Gene....


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holy crap I like that alot, not a fan of all the stickers but really nice looking!
I talked about the stickers in a previous thread, but these pics look nice.
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That is one awesome ride... isn't that the wide body?
DISGUSTINGLY beautiful. I want one minus the stickers.
I thnk the word ZESTY more than applies to this car.....its damn nice
Aside from the rims and stickers, I could go for one. Actually...I'd take one even with these rims and stickers. What's that in place of the AC control knob?
Sorry Im a bit losed, why would you want the car without the HRE wheels? And if you didnt take the wheels, what wheels would you put on the car? Im just curious....

In place of the AC control knob is a Stewart Warner gauge, it goes with the 2 other SWP gauges located where the top AC vents us to be.

Keep the comments coming and for any of you that are coming out to Boston for HIN...see you there.

The tC will be in the Scion booth and my 240 will be on display in the Turtle Wax booth.

See you guys there,
this is ONE HOT tC
I need new pants.
keep that to yourself
Originally posted by Obike@Apr 27 2005, 08:54 AM
I need new pants.
i think i need some too. wow
dayum that looks sexy. Great body kit too....and I never say that.
Thanks for the feedback guys...

I need to get some new pants also for HIN Boston, what size do you guys want?

Will black dickies work? Just kidding...but thanks again for the comments and keep them coming.

Ill have pics from HIN Boston of the tC when I get back home next week.

Have a good one,
pictures don't work.
that is the most beautifulest tc ive seen. seriously made my heart melt
Pictures work today.
Neat car.
My only exceptions are to the fender flares, they look a bit like an afterthought. Maybe if they were molded in?
Those mufflers are pretty chintsy for nice a nice car too.
Great job overall.
1 - 20 of 34 Posts
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