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All of my goodies(socal pickup only)

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hey guys.. im sellin the drivers side seat(RECARO SPEED) with rail and bracket for bolt on the seat is in great condition.. 475 .. let me know and its yours, i have the passenger side bracket which if you want ill sell for 50 obo

also selling a set of Tein SS-P which have 10,000 miles.. but are all highway, its going down to those far south scion meets, i will sell those for 925, im selling all of my stuff cuz im trying to trade in the car and pick something else up

Team Tech harness that are 3inch.. with camlock, they are black.. going for 125.. they are practically new since ive only worn them like 3 times.. and new they go for 200

oh yeah.. this is socal pickup only
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nope not yet
didnt some1 was interested and then some1 else already bought it
the steering wheel is still pending and the seat someone was thinking about but he stopped pming.. i guess he didnt want it.. he said it was too far to drive.. but its not that bad, ive made the trip down there plenty of times for like 8 car meets
hey heres an offer.. the price stands.. but to the person who buys the coilovers.. come to my house.. and i will put them in.. have like almost an install day.. itll takea while since i got a small jack but we'll work something out..

i have experience dropping tcs.. ive changed the suspension on my tc three times.. from stock to trd springs, from trd springs to s-techs, from s-techs to coilovers
any pics ? thanks
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