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all because of 1 led

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i had to change the led on my front parking light and my friend put it back in and what happens!! it fell into the housing. sooooooooooo mad, but anyway after trying and trying to get it out of there, we decided screw it, lets just take of the front bumper and take it out. all this happened on my break
so i didnt really have a break. but it looked great after. here are some pics. took it with my cellie so they are not all that great

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Dang sorry to hear that it happened to you. It happened to me too, but I didn't have to take the entire front off to get it out. I just took something flexiable and added some superglue to the end and touched it to the bulb for a bit and then pulled it out. Sorry you had to go through all the trouble, now you know for the next time.
i was thinking of that but we already got half way taking the bumper off so i just did that instead, but i will remember the next time that happens. and i really hope that it doesnt.
Yea that's what I'm sayin. By the way what kind of bulbs are you using in your headlight? Not the led but the actual driving lights(low)
those are sylvania silverstars
Originally posted by thischick@Jun 12 2005, 09:21 PM
those are sylvania silverstars

I love the Silverstars. Dispite the controversy.
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What the hell, those are the silverstars? How come they look so much like the Luminics Ultra-violets? Maybe it's because of your purple led huh?
Hey, they look pretty much like my headlights now!
Well, except that one of my LED parking lights is out at the moment.
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Got a quick question for you guys..

when you turn the headlights on, does the little LED in the lowbeam cutoff or does it stay on with the lowbeam?
It stays on, but it's not that noticeable unless you are standing right infront and looking down on the headlight
oh ok cuz i was thinking if i got rid of the stock yellow lowbeams with some thing else, i wasnt sure if the parking light would still give it a yellow hue ya know?
It does if your right next to the headlight
I would change the parking light to something else if you are planning on changing the low beams it does make a difference
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