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Alarm Wiring For 2005 TC

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I found this on the web. Useful infromation for anyone wishing to install an alarm and/or remote start.
2005 Scion TC
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Thanx for the post. Appreciate your efforts.

Please be sure to test all connections with a meter or computer safe test light. Not all of the info is 100% correct on this sheet.
Well, that's covered under "Disclaimer". Appreciate your efforts keeping my posts honest though.
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Most people don't read the disclaimers. I used this wiring sheet when I installed my system and found a few errors (I don't recall exactly what, sorry). Just thought I'd cover all the bases. Would hate to see one of our members blow an airbag or computer hooking up to the wrong wire. Just a warning for all to heed. Thanx again for posting the info. I'm sure it will help many.

In case your wondering where your post on gain setting went, I merged it w/ my pinned post at the top. FYI
thanks for the link and post makes me think about placing a aftermarket alarm now
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