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air conditioner smell

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I have noticed in the tc, also in accords, and most other cars, there is a sour smell that comes out of the vents after using the a/c with the internal air circulation on. Has anyone else noticed this and anyone know why its gotta smell so bad?
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You have mildew in your heat exchanger. They make mildew killers for this, and they are easy to find in normally humid climates. If you live in a high humidity area, just go to any air conditioning service for a "cleaning." All they do is spray a mildew killer into the vent with the a/c on and it freshens the whole thing.
Or, you could live with it as I have for my entire driving life. In my experience, it goes away just a few seconds after turning on the A/C.
I've smelled it in other cars, but not my tC yet.
I first noticed this after my first wash. I don't understand why it would start smelling after a car wash (unless water is draining where it shouldn't)? Anyone try what lo bux suggested? I think I'll complain to the dealer first. If they wont fix it, then I'll try the spray.
dun they start smell if some1 smoked in the vehicle??
Smoking has nothing to do with it.
mayb im think about another kinda of smell
once u smoked in the car, there is this weird smell comin out of the vent wether the ac is on or just lettin air in
I've noticed a smell in my car before but I just assumed it was from my greasy nasty restaurant shoes so I just put air freshners in. Now it smells like vanilla.
I live by my the theory of the Mooninites (ATHF) "Smoke while you do it!". and have never experienced a "sour" smell But then again I seldom use the AC because it posed so much of a problem in my former vehicle, I just roll the windows down.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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