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Air Conditioner... is it cold?

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Ok... I've heard people talk about not having cold A/Cs because Scion had put too little refridgerant into the car. Supposedly this only happened to the first batch or two of the tCs.

I was unable to check whether the A/C in the tC was cold enough or not cause we've had a pretty mild summer until yesterday. It was blazing hot (for me... that would start at the low 80s. ok... i'm a heat weakling
)! But anyways... I rolled down all the windows and opened the sun roof to let all the hot air out of the car... then I turned on the A/C and let that run for a while when I was driving. After a few minutes, I rolled up the windows and closed the sun roof and let the A/C blast. I let that go for a while and well it was still very hot in the car... the A/C didn't really feel cold. I don't know if its just me or if it is supposed to be like that. Have you guys experienced the same thing??? How long did it take for your cars to cool off??
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Is it ice cold on the highest setting? How many bars do you put it at to get it cold under 5 mins? At first i thought the my AC was really cold but after have more people in my car and having a really hot day close to 100, I noticed it seemed lacking. Before I would put it on 1 bar and it seemed to cool the car very well I would sometimes have to switch the dial to the half way point between cold to the middle of the dial. Im hoping tint would help the car alot.
Yeah, my AC bites! It never ever seems like its cold enough. Also, I feel that the fan doesn't blow well enough and the vents seem to always point up! Rather annoying if you ask me. cold in under 5 minutes? Something must be wrong with mine...
The temperature was 108 degrees when I got into my tC after class, it got cool under five minutes also, I guess. Maybe not "ice cold" but definately cooler.
Hmm. Mine doesn't cool off that fast. Congrats on that one!
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I rarely put my A/C above the third bar. Usually one or two is sufficient.
four bars, recycle button, vent the sun roof, and it's good to go in five min. Then just close the roof. OR maybe I'm just lucky. Remember, the more people you have in your car, the harder it will be to keep it cool due to body heat and asboration rates.
Originally posted by Pakman@Sep 8 2004, 04:03 PM
Ice cold in under 5-mins. as well. It has really be put to the test these past few days here in CA. 101, 103, 103, 102 for the past 4 days.
I want your A/C... I'm in SoCal and in the past few days mine has taken forever to cool down... not even cold... so ICE COLD is definitely not even within reach. I'm so so so jealous. I'm usually the only one in the car so body mass or temp is not an issue. Hmm... I will definitely have the techies check it out next time I'm at Scion. Thanks guys / gals for your info.
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Damn. I'm maxing out my bars sometimes...
err...mayb its cuz the air vent is placed a lil high thus pushin the air to the back rather than front....i noticed that when i was sittin in the rear (my mom was driving it) the AC seemed to b working A LOT cooler than it was before...

Also...i think..that AC on other cars feel cooler because..the air touches ur body more due to the lower vent.... when i was driving my momz car (camry) i noticed that air was blowing more towards my arms and body than the ac in my TC..

those r the reasons y i think that TC AC seem to take a while to cool off... or mayb im a weirdo and juss feel that way-_-

btw..i think my AC works just fine..i put the vents down so it blows more to my arms..
Whenever i turn on my AC with the mode of Face and Feet, the feet like takes all the like air and the face part is sort of weaker, but when i turn off the feet the Face is stronger, anybody get that?
That's true in every car I've ever been in.
I was ready to take my tC to the dealer couple of days ago because the air was barely cool and it was not that hot outside. I was sweating and cursing untill I realize that AC dial is at 1/2 point to the vertical position... I was cruising late night and turned it down a bit because it was too cold and forgot to put it back... That's how all these bogus "my car is a POS" threads start, I guess.
Originally posted by phammerz@Sep 9 2004, 04:59 AM
Whenever i turn on my AC with the mode of Face and Feet, the feet like takes all the like air and the face part is sort of weaker, but when i turn off the feet the Face is stronger, anybody get that?
I think the phenomenon you're referring to is a function of the fact that at any point there is "x" amount of air flowing through your system. If you have it on face and feet, they have to share x amount of air, resulting in roughly 50% feet, 50% face. When you turn feet off, face gets 100% of the air.
Originally posted by zoltiz@Sep 9 2004, 06:29 AM
...I was sweating and cursing untill I realize that AC dial is at 1/2 point to the vertical position...
Sorry... that was funny... it happened to me once too but I didn't even get close to thinking about bringing it back to the dealership. I was just wondering why in the world the car was so hot ... lol.

Ok... for all of you... my dial has been all the way to the blue side for a while now... no one touches my car except for me... i only have the blowing to the head setting on... the vents are directed to me... no one else rides in my car... blah blah blah... just in case ppl are wondering. Oh and yes... the A/C button is pressed and the recirculate is also pressed... and it was on full blast... all bars... (at least that one day)...
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Now that I have my tC I can actually answer this's cold as hell, or the north pole, I don't know. It works very well; very cold only on the lowest setting too.

turn on the recirculation mode.. that is what really helps it get cold quickly.. my honda was opposite, needed fresh air to get really cold.. but this tC likes it on recirculation.. very cold.. thermometer was reading 39 degrees..
I think everybody knows to put it on recirculate. It does help a lot, and the A/C DOES get cold, but it takes 15 - 20min to get really cold.
Mine still gets very, very cold in under 5 minutes...maybe that's the trade-off for my horrible gas mileage =P
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