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Air Conditioner... is it cold?

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Ok... I've heard people talk about not having cold A/Cs because Scion had put too little refridgerant into the car. Supposedly this only happened to the first batch or two of the tCs.

I was unable to check whether the A/C in the tC was cold enough or not cause we've had a pretty mild summer until yesterday. It was blazing hot (for me... that would start at the low 80s. ok... i'm a heat weakling
)! But anyways... I rolled down all the windows and opened the sun roof to let all the hot air out of the car... then I turned on the A/C and let that run for a while when I was driving. After a few minutes, I rolled up the windows and closed the sun roof and let the A/C blast. I let that go for a while and well it was still very hot in the car... the A/C didn't really feel cold. I don't know if its just me or if it is supposed to be like that. Have you guys experienced the same thing??? How long did it take for your cars to cool off??
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err...mayb its cuz the air vent is placed a lil high thus pushin the air to the back rather than front....i noticed that when i was sittin in the rear (my mom was driving it) the AC seemed to b working A LOT cooler than it was before...

Also...i think..that AC on other cars feel cooler because..the air touches ur body more due to the lower vent.... when i was driving my momz car (camry) i noticed that air was blowing more towards my arms and body than the ac in my TC..

those r the reasons y i think that TC AC seem to take a while to cool off... or mayb im a weirdo and juss feel that way-_-

btw..i think my AC works just fine..i put the vents down so it blows more to my arms..
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