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It takes a long while for the a/c in my tC to start spewing out cold (not just cool) air, much less to cool down a car. Today, in 90 degree weather, it was at least 10 mins before the air got cold, and I had been driving around town with the windows down for at least 15 mins before turning on the a/c.

The rental cavalier I was driving shot out cold air in minutes after sitting in a lot all day, in similar weather. My old corolla was quick to cool as well.

Right now, I've resorted to closing off the passenger side air vents in hopes of diverting more cool air to the driver vents.

Oh well, that's the only real complaint with my car and the good thing is that most of the year I don't need a/c

But since it seems I'm not the only one with weak a/c, I'll probably get it checked out at my next oil change.
1 - 1 of 50 Posts
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