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ahhhhh freaking out

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I ordered it two weeks ago, and I'm freaking out. everytime my phone rings I get all excited that it's toyota calling me to tell me the car is in, and then... oops... it's my friend telling me not to go see "dukes of hazzard" like I planned on it anyway... thanks for the call. I've been dreaming about the car I want it soooo bad.... grrrr

pics as soon as I get it!
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ha ha did the same thing, but thank god for caller id, i just put the dealers number in my phone, so i knew when my true happiness was near...congrats on the purchase and welcome
when to dealerships usually get their cars? Should I expect a call in the evening? in the morning? now that it's 3:30 is it safe to assume I'm not getting it till tomorrow?
I got the call around 9:00 pm. So it can still come today... what was wrong with "Dukes Of Hazard"? should i not go see it tomorrow?
I thought Dukes of Hazzard was ok. Don't expect the most intelligent movie of the summer, but I'd rather watch it than Stealth any day of the week.
^ should watch March of the Penguins

hang in there chad! it will come and when it does, you can go all crazy about it .. but not too crazy on the road ok? hehe.
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so cooter won't watch the dukes cause its too sexy, the pres of the naacp won't cause the flag is racist, my reason on the other hand is much simpler, i won't watch it cause it sucks
I live in Georgia. As if I need to go to the movie theater to see stupid ********.

Good luck with your tC.

(slaps chad)

Hang in there man! get a hold of yourself!

Look at what you have become! You are better than this!

Get down and give me 20!
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alright, so I didn't get it last night... but she called at 9am, when the dealership first opened to tell me they were loading my car off the truck as she left the voice mail. they will clean it up or whatever, and I can take delivery in a few hours.. I'm heading over at lunchtime to get it, and told my boss I might not be back.... HOORAY!
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