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Aftermarket stereo installation

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I am getting ready to sell my Toyota Echo for a Scion tC. I want to move my Alpine 9835 stereo from my Echo to the tC. I looked for a tC aftermarket kit that will adapt my stereo to the opening in the tC but cannot find one. Has anyone changed their stereo yet? I have too much investment in my current stereo to give it up.

Also since the Scion stereo will fit in an Echo will the kit I already have work?

Someone please let me know.
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the scion setup is, to my knowledge, using the standardized car stereo setup. so I believe any standard fit kit will work

I got my CDA 9815 installed by a proffesional installer and they had to build me a custom kit for fitting. However, I was told by the installer that a kit should be available sometime next month. I should be able to get pics up later today if you want to see. Just haven't had time as of yet to post any pics.
Apparently after talking to some of the echo guys the stereo from the scion is a direct bolt in for the echo. Now they probably used a xA or xB stereo but I am hoping it is the same template for the tC. If it is my kit and everything for my Alpine should just migrate over. I just have to run a new amp wiring kit. I figured you guys would want to know if you wanted to add an aftermarket stereo just use the kit for the Echo. The only thing I don't know is if the door will close with a big faceplate on there.

I saw a kit on eBay yesterday for putting a standard-size head unit in a tC.
So if what you are saying is true UmmGooD, I could go to BestBuy and ask for the installation kit for a Toyota Echo (what year?) and us it to install my Pioneer DEH-P7700M?

As that would be awesome!

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