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So, I got my first door ding the first week I bought my car. The dealership I bought my car from does the paintless dent repair, so since I still needed tint and all that other jazz, I let them pop the dint. I was a 4inch dent by the door jam, so I figured they would have to go through the panel, which was ok, since that was the only option I had.
When I got the car back, the dint was almost gone, but there was a bulge inthe door jam. They had gone though the very front of the jam to drill a hole, instead to the back. It is so noticeable you can see it with the door shut. And instead to putting a plug in it, they filled it with a metal substance that is rough and ugly and left it sanding, no nothing.

I was so sick when they showed it to me, that I couldn't say a word. So I took the car and left. No, they didn't charge me b/c I think they really knew how much they f**ked up!
I emailed scion.... do you think another dealership will be able to fix it?
I will email pics, when I get home this week....but I'm not sure if they'll come out!
Suggestions? Comments?
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Email scion, BBB, those are about your only courses of action. Sounds like they are just mildly retarded, a good body shop can fix it though.
BBB is Better Business Bureau right?
thats right about the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
Should I try another Scion dealer or go outside of them?
First, go back to the dealership and give them a chance to fix it. If you don't, you'll be wasting your time with Scion corporate.
Yes try to have them fix it first, tell them to send it through there body shop if they have one, if they don't have one, bring them an estimate for repair at one you trust, they should be liable for the repair.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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