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i want to get a good sound system for my tC. Heres the thing: i want to be able to fit stuff in my trunk even with the equipment inside, i dont want to spend more than $200, and i want decent sound for the price. Any links to some products would be just neat! Thanks.
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For 200.00 you really can't get a decent sound system. Save your money and buy something good its worth the wait, if you buy 200.00 worth of low end equipment you'll spend more in the long run trying to upgrade it. If you can set aside about 700.00 you can get a pretty good system

Here is how much I paid for mine and I consider it to be middle class:
2 12" 150 each
Box: 125.00
Amp: 540.00
Wiring: 120.00
Cap: 100.00
Total: 1,185.00
Thats just whats in the trunk
for 900 i got a bangin system

pioneer deh 7700 ( 200 on ebay ull pay 300 on crutchfield)
pioneer speakers ( standard on the tc)
jl audio 500/1 (400 used)
jl audio 12" W6v2 sub w box (300)

the SQ is great and u can pump alot of bass out of one W6v2 hooked up to a 500 watt sub
haha maybe a little more i forgot the cost to install...i installed my #### myself tho
Here is my setup:

Kicker 12s X 2 = $235.00
MA Audio 4-Channel Amp = $400.00
Box = $85
Wiring Kit = $45.00
Total = $765.00

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I would have to say that your best bet for your limited budget is to keep the stock head unit.....and upgrade your speakers. I was talking to a fellow at a sound shop and he has set up many systems without a sub ....just upgrading to larger, better speakers....then using a crossover to the tweets. I did not hear it but he said it really filled in the low end and still had great your budget you should start at can change the head unit and add a sub when you get the cash. Oh you might need to use an amp to get the best sound quality as the stock system will not have enough power.
unless you get lucky there is no such thing as a "good" sound system that includes subs and amp for $200.
Wow, $200, sounds like your gonna need to rob someone and if so why even pay.
Wat could u get just to replace the bad stock speakers? I dont wanna any extra speakers but just to know wat people have running in there car with the stock cd player in the tc. The standard speakers are bad, any ideas???
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200, ahahaha, thats a nice joke!!!!

o wait, you were serious
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LOC (Line Output Converter) - $15
Amp Kit - $10
10" Kicker CVR $75 shipped from ebay
Sealed Prefab Box - $20
Profile AP600 $84
Total = $204

its a lil over $200, but i'd say that is pretty good for a tight budget

realistically i'd say try for a $300 budget, which can barely get a decent substage much less a good system, for a good system try a $700+ budget
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Here is the problem with that, your buying all fairly cheap gear that most likely won't last long. So when it dies out you go out and buy other gear. So 200.00 just turned into another 200.00 to get some more cheap gear so then you have spent 400-500 dollars on cheap gear. When in reality you could of taken that 500.00 and bought a good system with warranty for the same price.

Save up your cash and when you have about 600.00 you can get a really good system for your car.

Ebay has some great deals on it and some great scammers. When you buy an amp on ebay for 100.00 and it normally cost 600.00 something is wrong. Factory sealed doesn't mean anything I can make a box factory sealed. They come with no warranty half the time and the people selling them are not authorized dealers. Now I am not knocking ebay because I have bought a million things off there, and I have been taken a few times. Just becareful

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same here, ebay isn't the best way to go

but with a $200 budget? thats all he can afford
200.00 I would say just save the cash up until you have about 600.00
where the hell u getta jl audio 12" W6v2 sub w box for 300, hook me up man
that's what i'd like to know.... ####.. only deal i'm getting at all, was the 81 bucks for the alpine sps170s i've got in the back
Good as in better than the stock system? Like most of the people have said, $200 isn't going to get you much, if you're going to spend money on improving the sound, you're going to have to dump some serious cash.
200 bucks. Sounds great.

Let's not talk about the other $2k that makes up the rest of it, though.

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I agree with others, You won't get a good system for 200 bucks.
Especially with JL products, they're waaayyy too expensive.

My suggestion:
1)if u want trunk space, get one 12 or 2 10's in a small sealed box-.
2)u can get nice audiobahn, alpine, kicker, mtx subs fairly cheap-$100
3)u can prob find a nice amp for $150 give or take
4)also a box isn't hard to make, or just buy an inexpensive one-$50
5)only other thing u really need is lineout converter and amp wiring kit

My 2 cents: I think the tc's interior is perfect for one 12 or 2 10s, 2 12s may bit a bit of overkill. Especially if u want trunk space. While JL is the highest quality brand, its also very $$$. IF ur on a budget, which it sounds like u are, check out audiobahn, I cant say enough good things about their amps, subs, etc...

My tc system at:
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