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A few pics

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I took these a few months ago and haven't had time to post. Let me know what ya'll think. I'll post some new ones soon, PEACE

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Sorry the first time didn't work. but the second try did. Check it out and let me know what you think.
Nice pictures man. I like the interior. But too bad it can't be as bright as stock bulbs.
i like the interior lights! Led?
Yea the interior lights are LEDs from superbright I'll update some newer pics later.
A few new night shots hope ya'll like it, what do you think about my headlights?

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man i love ur set up. i was thinking about doing blue led's myself but they r going to have to wait. but yeah i like. where did u get the sizes for the map lights.
I love the interior lights!
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I really like your headlights. Always wanted to do that mod but I'm too much of a wuss.
damn man, why you asking bout my headlights... yours seem damn good. especially with those led parking lights? sick.
in a sick way.
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They're aight dude but I'd like it a lot better if my low beams were a little bluer.
no they aren't HID's just some bulbs that I got from nopi the blue that you see is from the blue LEDs that I use for the parkin lights
i like feeling all the lights...lookin dope
Nice parking lights! Good to see someone else copy me.
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Anytime dude, thanks for the inspiration!
Check The BlackTc
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Drop-dead gorgeous. Nice tC!
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