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i have been looking for one of these for the better part of 20 years. for me, its one of those cars i always wanted to come across at the time that was perfect for purchase. here it is. offered to me at a steal of $4K. it is factory original minus the wheels and gas cap, 58K original miles, and was a new zealand car, so it is a RHD. easily a $7K car the way it sits. drives very well. original sales slip and registration from NZ is in the car. this once in a lifetime opportunity passes me by, as with all that is going on right now, i cant justify spending the dollars until after the first of the year. i have a feeling it will be gone by then. anyone got an extra 4K laying around they want to invest? i'll give you the pink until i get you back... if i dont, you can sell it for 7K and come up a few thousand.

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