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7" Monitor Install

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It's not quite finished yet...but you get the idea. I'll post more pics when it's done.

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can't wait to see the final product.
You teaser. You're given me ideas, though...

Also, that is one way of getting rid of that rattlin-ass door thing.

Hey Alpman...are you married? If not do you wanna be? lol. Ur car is pimp i'm in love
haha. Make sure to keep postin looks sick so far.
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I'm not an expert on Alpine products, and I can't say I understand what's going on here...
That's what I want done. If you ever wanna make some money you could start selling the finished product. I would buy and I'm sure others would. Good job!
When you gonna get your car up to the shop to show it off....???? D got to see it... again, no fun 4 me
whoa whoa whoa wait min, are you going to integrate the screen into the cover so that you can like open the screen showing just ur regular radio and then ur screen goes up like a normal cover?
That's what it looked like to me.
yea.. looks that way to me too... that's hot... definitely something i wanna look into doing... if only i had the knowhow and the confidence to rip my system apart (T_T)
Question about that install, what brand of screen did you use, and is that door going to be motorized? Looks awesome, I was thinking about doing the same, couldn't figure out how I was going to put a screen and a head unit in there, cause the video head units I heard kept bumping that door... this solves all the problems.. great job, please post finished pics thanks!
Damn alpman...I've been looking into putting a 7" screen in my tC and it never crossed my mind to actually make it hte radio cover...genious.
thats sick nice job
cant wait to see the finished product
wow nice job man, thats going to be really nice once its done
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came across this post and noticed it was made back in nov. .... is it done and i just missed a post where the finished product was featured?? cuz yeah that install is just...
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The finished product is amazing. I got to see it in person a couple weeks ago.
Originally posted by Wolo@Feb 24 2005, 09:55 AM
The finished product is amazing. I got to see it in person a couple weeks ago.
i'm jealous.

any pics???
OK guys, here it is...the finished product!!! Tell me what you think.

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