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6Disc CD and Bazooka EL Tube NEW !

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I have a Brand New 6-CD changer headunit 10 color that is a factory Scion Unit and a Bazooka Bass Tube EL Series also factory plug into your exsisting harness, both brand new out of my display case. The CD player retails for $625 and the Sub Retails for $425 if you were to buy from a dealer. I'm selling both to the first person to send me the money through paypal. BOTH FOR ONLY $740 with free shipping act fast. I can Email you pics upon request. Any question email me thanks scionpartsman
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6-disc changer pulls people are selling for $250-290 (mine went for $290 on eBay). Bazooka EL tube goes for about $40-70 new on eBay. Bazooka harness is another $30-40 from any dealer. That' $400, not $740.

$740 is not a good deal.
yah, sorry to burst your bubble, but ppl looking for sound systems laugh at the stock headunit and sub, but it came iwht my car and im happy with it =) so you might want to look for some ppl with older cars that are older ppl that dont nkow about real systems =)
AHHHH Yes well RULE # 1 of selling is always start high cause you can always go down but you can't go up. And for the record I've sold these headunits before for 375 so Obviously i CAN get that type of money. I just thought that maybe someone here would want it and give me the $ sooooooo I wont bother to post here again because of the "great intelligence" and have fun wit ur Tc's
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Thanks, I will have fun with my tC. I already do.
wow, ppl like that are funny... ruins capitalism
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