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6cd changer gripes

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is it just me or do the buttons not light up at night?
i can't tell where the buttons are lol

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i havent see one but it seems like they would.

don't let the sig confuse you, i got my tC already and i'm pretty sure the buttons don't light up unless theres a button that does that somewhere i'm missing... i'll check it out again next time i guess
the volume and [1 2][3 4] things dont light up i think....if they do, someone plz tell us how lol
I didn't notice them light up on the stock player, but there ARE button labels at the very bottom of the display shuffle, repeat, fast forward, and rewind.

I didn't notice the labels at first and it drove me crazy b/c I kept hitting what was the reverse button on my old CD player and it kept shuffling stuff. Hehe.

Anyways, hope that helps!
so even with the dashlights and headlights on there are not lights on the radio buttons?? even my old civic has that.. that doesn't sound right.. can someone else confirm with their stock tC radio (either base or 6 cd) that these don't light up..
I have a standard CD player and all the buttons light up in mine, so...
Everything lights up on the stock single-disc player. It's even connected to the dimmer switch for the dash lights.
yeah that makes more sense now.. didn't think they went THAT cheap..
well i had the dash lights on and my buttons were still dark... maybe i missed something.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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