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5k maintenance light keeps flashn during start

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I already got my oil changed at 3k so I dont need that. I went to the dealer and ask what they do at 5k. They said oil change and top off all fluids. I said, thats it? thats all you do? Dealer said yes. So I guess I dont need to take my car in if thats the case, right?

Well whats with the light then? i dont remember it flashing that much before I hit 5k...When I mean flash, it flashes six ( I just counted) times....One solid light as the key is turned and then six flashes.....

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I know on my honda you had to turn it off even if you do the maintenance, they probably just didn't do it. Browse through the owners manual if not just get them to turn it off for you, I know on my old civic it had something to do with holding down the trip button when you first start the car... I'm sure you're fine it's just a standard thing every 5k miles usually.
My searching found this topic.
Thanks plissken.. granted theres nothing wrong with it... but much appreciated....I guess thats what I'll do...

cuz you know them, "If theres something wrong with the car, you maintenance light will come on". blah, blah, blah!!!!
Our maintenance light is only for scheduled maintenance. The Check Engine light os for the serious stuff.
I'm pretty such that E.M light is related to your scheduled maintainence(oil change) thats due at 5k, in case u didn't already figure that out. It should start at about 4500, probably doesn't matter that u had it done at 3,000, because the sensor is related to mileage, not oil level/viscosity.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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