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5000 miles !

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well time for my first oil change finally hit 5000 miles kinda sad didn't think i drove that much i just got the car !!! but that's def my only complaint

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you're complaining about driving you car?

don't know about you, but, i bought mine to drive it.
Originally posted by moriarty@Dec 25 2005, 01:27 AM
don't know about you, but, i bought mine to drive it.
I've had mine for 3 weeks now and I have about 750 miles on it.
Try 8200 miles bought the car late october.
Well not too impressive, but I bought mine 4/31/05 and I will be breaking 15,000 miles <----(as if I had to type miles?!?!) tonight... Not many problems except if I have the parking lights on and not the headlights, only one of the headlights are on, but when I turn the headlights on they both are good... I had it fixed once, but it's back... It could be that I had Mobile Electronics put on Colorstorm neons... I don't know though cause Mobile Electronics= the top place in Columbus, OH to do that kind of thing... Anybody else had that problem? If not u may want to look cause u would never know... My parents told me that it was doing it both times, but its cool... Peace!
Why would either of the headlights be on when the parking lights are on?
5000 miles, bought at the end of September.
no no i love driving my car that's why theres so many miles on it !!! that's what i'm complaining about its ok tho i'm getting a 2007 when it comes out next year to use as my beater!!!
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