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500 mile round trip, road trip :) (non freeway)

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Here is what I observed while driving my TC for 500 miles on 2 lane back country highways... For those of you in the Know, I live in Lexington KY and had to get to Athens OH (Ohio University).
The Good
1) CruiseControl rocks.
2) I was in 5th gear for most of the trip because the car would go up these hills, pass people, go around turns and hardly ever needed to be shifted to 4th. I am lazy and it made me happy that I didn't have to shift all that often.
3) I love the way the Sunroof looks. (see the bad for the rest of the speil)
4) Comfy drivers seat.
5) Decent gas milage at 25-27 for the trip.
6) enough power that even my dad liked it

The Bad
1) Needs tinting badly. As I was driving there were lots of points that I was under tree's, or in the shade and I would have to turn the heat up. Then I would break out into the sun and I would have to adjust it down cause I was hot. It was always between 10 and 2 on the temp knob. 2 would be too hot in the sun and 10 would be freezing in the shade. It was 50 degrees out. Even closing the sunroof covers didn't help all that much

2) The holes in the sunroof cover. I don't understand why they are there, I don't like them they reflect light onto my dash and distract / annoy me. Sunroof tinting will prevent the cover from being closed in the future.

3) bright light indicator is WAY to bright. Its just about blinding at night. I drive with my dash lights turned down pretty low cause I do alot of country driving and need to be able to see deer.

4) at 90mph the auto windows will not close... they will go up and then come back down.... A little bird told me this. You need to use manual.

The Ugly
1) In the glass roof, the front weather strip that seperates the windshiled from the roof came undone while driving. It got really noisy in the cabin all of a sudden. after I pulled over it was formed into an arch. I pushed it back in though and it was quiet again....
2) my drivers door handle pulls out when I goto shut the door. I think the clips may be broken.

Overall, its a great car for 17k. So much better than anything else out there! I love it
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Thanks for the tips! Glad you're still impressed with and enjoying your tC.
I'm going on my first extended trip of any kind (only about 70 miles, but still the longest I've made since I got my tC) this weekend, and I'm hoping for great results as well.
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