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Thats how much its going to cost to get my sideskirt fixed! The passanger side skirt in the front is peeled away from the car a little (not flush like it should be) and they said the entire peice has to be replaced and the metal bent back. Warranty doesn't cover body damage like that, and I don't even have 5,000 miles on the car yet! They didn't even get to working on my other little noise issues. When I mentioned it they looked at me like I was crazy, am I wrong for bringing the car to the dealership about the little noises? All I am hearing is a little clicking when I hit my brakes and a rattle in the rear of the car. I know its not a bad alternator or something major but still its a noise I don't like and don't think I should have to listen to on a brand new car. My friends think I am over reacting on the issues.

OKay I'll end my rant with a little fun stuff.

Pulled up to the light and to my left a caviler with one of those mile high wings you find on a airplane and a audio pipe muffler, to my right a Civic Dx with an audio pipe muffler. Both guys trying to look mean and one of the passengers eye balling me. So they start reving engines so I rev up my super quiet muffler and they just stare. LIght turns green and me in an automatic just take off and they stayed with me until the car hit 3rd gear then I was gone. I thought it was funny, my friend who was behind me in his tC came up flying by me just laughing
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