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4130 roll cage started, main hoop done:)

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We(my son and I) decided to go ahead and build a chrome molly roll bar but now are taking it further with a roll cage. Going to be interesting as some parts have to be bolt in so we can have a back seat on occasion and this will be driven to all events so it has to be resonably easy to get into and out of.

It will be built to spec for FIA approval, will enter in a rally just to get that part done then not race, this is a track car. Or work on getting SCCA approval, whichever is going to be easier and less costly.

We were able to save nearly half the weight of DOM because of using 1.5" instead of 1.75" and .095 wall thickness instead of .125. BUT, the cost is considerably higher and we had to order in the tubing and spend quite a bit on welding wire for it, overnighted from Atlanta as our other order did not arrive on time.

We worked with PRE (Performance Race Engineering) in Portland to do the main hoop and support bars as well as get a lesson in the rest of the design and now will complete it ourselfs. I wanted to see if any issues with welding techniques, proper boxing in the legs, etc.... and they were really cool about teaching me alot I did not have experience with.

This is something they would not normally do but we are trading off services, we are doing deadening on some of their projects, got them some of the foam we used in our chassis stiffening, doing some audio install, etc, really working out for us all:)

This is a one off totally custom install and no plans to make it available to others, just so you know, just to much work into it and would be a bit cost prohibitive, not a wise business decision, been there, done that, lost my arse a couple of times;)

NO PICS yet, we are working towards some major publicity as we are building a true performance car, daily driver capable, very quick racing capacity against formidable apponents, not a bit of rice, not easy to get published so why we do not show many pics.

Sorry, just has to be that way and I do feel bad about it, would love to share our fun with you guys alot more than we do.

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wow, sounds like a very nice project!
keep us updated
post pictures when you can, please
I can't wait to see the final result!!!
Good luck!
yeah id like to see the pics. good luck man sounds sweet
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