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3rd brake light

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Anyone have any ideas on how to illuminate the entire 3rd brake light?? It seems stupid to have only the center light up.
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Put more LEDs in.
Uh yeah... just how do u do that? Is it an easy fix or a big job?
Depends on what kind of job you make it. Actually, I was thinking the same thing after seeing the 3rd brakelight of a caddy that was as wide as the car... as long as we have that clear peice there, why not use the whole thing? Might look nice... I would get my hands on the same exact led's the center ones are and do it that way... Hmm.... Maybe this will be my next project....
It's not easy. You can do it, but it surely isn't simple.
I would like to do it also. Anyone know how to remove it? I was thinking that if you could remove it and get it out somehow maybe you could fit like an 18" red neon tube in there and hard wire it in.
It's pretty easy to get it out, just remove the rear inside plastic panel. There are a couple of 10mm nuts on clamps that hold it in. Piece of cake to remove. It's mounting and wiring the other LEDs that looks challenging.
Lo Bux, is there room for a neon tube back there or no? I think that would be kinda cool.... but if not, I would like to add some LEDs. I'll check it out as soon as the weather gets nicer. I HATE buffalo!
I'm going to pull mine out this evening and take a look/see. I'll post later.
Damn Lo Bux, you're super quick with responding! LOL.. thanks and let me know what you find.
I just pulled it out completely and examined it. It is bonded around the entire perimeter either with a friction plastic weld or using a plastic adhesive. You'll have to separate the front from the back just to access the place you need to put the light(s).

The LED solution will need someone to fabricate two circuit boards and those circuit boards will need to be electrically connected to the one board already inside the assembly. Toyco was not nice enough to give us an unpopulated board, there are LEDs where the board is, and there are none where it isn't.

I'd want to buy another one to split open and do the development work so I would not be driving around with a hole where my CHMSL is supposed to be. I bet the light assembly is in the $150 - $200 range, so it looks like modding this piece is both not simple and not exactly cheap. I'm thinking another $150 - $200 on top of the cost of the light to make the rest of the thing light up, unless someone can get the component pieces from Japan, build the extra parts and do final assembly here. Even then, it will be a significant investment. I'll have to think hard about this one...
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this seems like something i could take on.... gonna take a trip to the junk yard see if theres any wrecked tC's... and i'll tell my friend who is a junkyard junkie to keep an eye out for tC's
Wow, that's sounds like a whole lot for a small effect, I'm wondering if the cost to apperance ratio is worth it lol

I agree that it would be nice if you lit the whole bar but it dosnt look bad as is, its different
Well it was just a thought..seems like a big job. Think I 'll just try this overlay for $15overlay
Still won't light the whole thing up. Overlay doesn't do it. I could see an aftermarket company coming out with a replacement led strip for back there and making a killing. I'd be first on the list to buy it.
Lit up LEDs in the center look a little less stupid when the 3rd brake light is blacked out on a dark car.
Ok, I didn't get that from his post. It probably would help some.
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